The Albanian territories were until recently, because of economic hardships and political unrest for many centuries classical emigration areas.The emigrants today are connected to their homeland in very different ways. This gradually ranges from centuries-old ethnic awareness to the active use and transmission of the Albanian language, culture and traditions.

Albanian emigrants exist in Greece, Italy, Dalmatia and Turkey. Furthermore left in the 19.
In the 19th century Albanians settled their Ottoman domicile for economic and political reasons and settled in Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, USA and Austria-Hungary.

After large parts of the Albanian settlement area had come to Serbia and Greece in 1912 as a result of the 1st Balkan War, the new rulers put pressure on the Albanian population to leave the country.
Many went to Albania, in each case a few thousand Kosovars and Çamen emigrated between the world wars but in Turkey, in the US and in the western part of Europe.

In Kosovo, Albanians continued to be oppressed by the Yugoslav authorities. Tens of thousands of Albanians emigrated to Turkey until the mid-sixties.
 In the 70s the Albanians from Kosovo were disproportionately involved in the migration of Yugoslav immigrant workers to the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
At about the same time, intra-Yugoslav migration also increased.
Kosovars and Albanians from Macedonia settled in Slovenian and Croatian industrial centers and Greater Belgrade until the 1980s.

From 1989 to 2004, around one million people left the Republic of Albania, which represented about one third of the current population of Albania.
The mass exodus to Italy or Greece reached its peak with more than 440,000 Albanians in Greece (until 2001, about 60% of all immigrants).

After Italy, between 1990 and the beginning of 2006, about 350,000 Albanians immigrated.
Larger Albanian diaspora communities also exist in Germany and especially here in NRW.
At the invitation of the IDEAL Initiative Group, interested migrants and promoters from Albania, Essen, Bochum, Wuppertal and Mettmann met on 12.07.2011 in the Extrablatt on Kennedyplatz in Essen and founded the "Integrative German-Albanian Society e.V.".