Organs of the Integrative German-Albanian Society are:

  • Presidium
  • The Board
  • The general meeting




Presidium & Management

The Presidium is elected by the General Assembly by a simple majority for a term of three years. The Presidium consists of the President, his deputies, the auditor and a maximum of three further members appointed by the Presidium. There should be no less than three Albanian Albanian origin among elected Bureau members.

A cash auditor is elected from the circle of members of the Bureau, who reviews the accounts of the current financial year for a period of one year and reports to the following regular Bureau meeting. Re-election of the same persons as auditors is permitted.

IDEAL is represented in and out of court (§ 26 BGB) by the President and his deputies, each by two of these persons jointly by two members of the Presidium jointly. In the internal relationship, every action requires a 2/3 majority decision of the presidium.

Only the assets of the Company are liable for the liabilities of the Company. A civil liability of the members of the board is excluded.

Employees and corporate bodies of the company are only liable for intent and gross negligence in the context of their activities for the association vis-à-vis third parties.

The presidium can appoint a managing director with 2/3 majority. This does not have to be a member of the association or the presidium.


General Assembly

The general meeting meets once a year. It must also meet if at least one third of the members request it. The general meeting is to be invited in writing with a notice period of at least 14 days, stating the agenda. A protocol is to be prepared about the general meeting in which the resolutions are to be included. The minutes are to be signed by the chairman and the secretary.

The general meeting decides with simple majority of the present members. Amendments to the statutes require a majority of two-thirds of the members present. Each member can be represented in the general meeting by a written proxy.

A properly convened General Assembly is quorate regardless of the number of members present.



Case by case, IDEAL may have the following two bodies:

Advisory council
Zur Unterstützung und Beratung des Präsidiums kann ein Beirat gebildet werden. Der Vorsitzende des Beirates wird vom Präsidium berufen. Der Beirat wird vom Präsidium für die Dauer seiner Amtszeit gebildet.

Honorary membership
Die Mitgliederversammlung kann auf Vorschlag des IDEAL-Präsidiums Ehrenmitgliedschaften ernennen. Jedes Ehrenmitglied hat das Recht, an allen Sitzungen der Mitgliederversammlung mit Stimmrecht teilzunehmen.